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Hemochromatosis Symptoms

Brain Iron Levels

Brain Iron Levels in Hemochromatosis

Ferritin Level May Predict Progression in Alzheimer’s An article published January 17, 2017 on the medical website Medscape caught my attention regarding the potential consequences of prolonged iron overload. The article referenced a study entitled, “Association of Cerebrospinal Fluid Ferritin Level With Preclinical Cognitive Decline in APOE-ε4 Carriers“. While the article did not refer to […]

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Hemochromatosis: Pregnancy and Fertility

Hemochromatosis Pregnancy and Fertility

Hemochromatosis: Pregnancy and Fertility Many women do not learn that they have hemochromatosis until they are middle-aged, often after passing their childbearing years.  As I discussed in my article about hemochromatosis in women, the average age a woman begins to develop symptoms of hemochromatosis is 50. However, as I also point out, this is not

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What is Oxidation and Why is it a Problem with Iron Overload?

Oxidation in Hemochromatosis

Oxidation is a fundamental problem of iron overload and is a major reason why individuals with hemochromatosis develop worsening health concerns over time. As a person stores more and more iron in their body, one progressive consequence of iron overload is a chronic state known as “oxidative stress.” In this state, excess iron creates oxidation

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