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DirectLabs and Hemochromatosis Lab Testing

Discount Lab Testing for Hemochromatosis

Accurate, confidential, and inexpensive lab testing service is available from DirectLabs®, complete with the most important markers for hemochromatosis!

Monitor your iron levels, check your genetics, and pay pre-negotiated discounted rates.

The Importance of Lab Testing in Hemochromatosis

Hemochromatosis testing is essential for many reasons.

We hear from people all the time who suspect that they may have iron overload and are wanting to get tested. Perhaps they have been diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis, but their family members have not yet been checked. Or they have a history of elevated iron and want to keep track of their levels to see how they are responding to therapy.

In any of these cases, lab testing can be an essential first step in identifying the root cause of too much iron.

Once someone has received the proper hemochromatosis testing, they can then go about taking the steps needed to get themselves healthier.

What If My Doctor Won’t Test This For Me?

We’ve gotten this question a lot.

Some people don’t fit the typical profile of iron overload, so their healthcare practitioner doesn’t think it’s necessary and won’t order testing.

Perhaps your doctor may not be familiar with hemochromatosis testing.

Or your insurance coverage isn’t adequate, and you wish you could pay a pre-negotiated rate instead of being charged inflated insurance prices.

In these cases, we have an alternative option to provide.

We’ve partnered with DirectLabs®, an accurate, confidential, and inexpensive provider of direct-to-consumer lab testing (available in the USA only).

DirectLabs® is a fantastic way to test your labs, including iron markers like ferritin and transferrin saturation % and genetic markers like C282Y, H63D, & S65C.

Reasons to Use DirectLabs® Include:

  • You have already received your hemochromatosis diagnosis, and you are looking to monitor your lab tests.
  • You suspect you may have iron overload, but you have yet to have any testing done.
  • You have a family member with hereditary hemochromatosis, but you have yet to have any testing done.
  • You have hemochromatosis, but your family needs testing.
  • You are interested in monitoring your blood work for enhancing your general health.
  • You would prefer to pay a pre-negotiated lower rate directly to the lab versus going through insurance or your provider’s billing process.
  • Many other lab providers do not have the Hemochromatosis DNA test available or have discontinued offering it. (I have also seen some lab companies charge a prohibitively expensive price- over $600!- whereas DirectLabs® offers the DNA test at a much more reasonable price.)

Hemochromatosis Help on

Accurate, confidential, and inexpensive lab testing is available from DirectLabs®, complete with the most important markers for hemochromatosis!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on the following link to be taken to Hemochromatosis Help’s page on Direct Labs.
  2. Click on the “Order Tests” button at the top left of the page to view common tests important for hemochromatosis.
  3. Select which test(s) you would like, and DirectLabs® takes care of everything. They make it easy!
DirectLabs Order Page Sample

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