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Help for Hemochromatosis and Iron Overload 

From Natural Doctors Who Understand​

We’ve Been There

We are Drs. Eric and Kristina Lewis, a husband-and-wife team of naturopathic doctors.

We are also a family personally impacted by hereditary hemochromatosis.

Learn more about how our unique perspective as both healthcare providers and as a patient with iron overload may bring clarity and understanding to your own situation.

We Can Help

We know hemochromatosis can be scary, lonely, and intimidating.

We’ve realized there is a lack of clear information out there to help empower people with iron overload to take charge and to learn how to live a healthier life with hemochromatosis.

That’s why our aim is to help you learn the safest and most effective diet and supplement strategies to help support you or your loved one’s health.

Real People, Real Results

Since 2012, you have written us from around the globe, sharing your stories, your challenges, and your successes.

You’ve written about how changing your diet and making a commitment to nutrition have led to incredible results and improvements in your health and your quality of life.

Read below for hundreds of stories and comments from fellow Hemochromatosis Help readers who have amazed even their doctors with their results!

Learn About Hemochromatosis

Let Us Guide You in Your Journey to Understanding Iron Overload

Ways We Can Help You

Hemochromatosis Help is Proud to Offer a Number of Helpful Products and Services

Specifically designed for Iron Overload

Hemochromatosis Books

From the naturopathic doctors at Hemochromatosis Help come two resource guides to help you with your iron overload.

Learn how to incorporate dietary and lifestyle changes to help manage your iron overload.

When read as a pair, these two books complement each other and help provide the best possible understanding of how to live well with hemochromatosis.

Hemochromatosis Supplements

Searching for natural remedies to support, strengthen, and restore your health from iron overload? Looking for a more holistic approach to compliment your overall hemochromatosis care plan?

Hemochromatosis Help is proud to offer safe, effective, and unique supplements for individuals with hemochromatosis. Handpicked by a naturopathic doctor with the condition, you won’t find these remedies anywhere else!

Hemochromatosis Instructional Videos

Hemochromatosis Demystified is a patient’s clear and complete blueprint to living with iron overload. These instructional videos help you to make sense of your diagnosis and teach you what to do about it… it’s the only online video course in the world for patients with hemochromatosis!

Hemochromatosis Consultations

If you’ve ever wished you could talk with a naturopathic doctor who understands hemochromatosis and other causes of iron overload, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Eric Lewis consults with individuals with iron overload from around the country, providing complementary care to the healthcare you are receiving in your local community.

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