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Hemochromatosis Diagnosis

Your Hemochromatosis Diagnosis

See if this sounds familiar. Some people find out they have hemochromatosis in a nice, neat way. Their doctor runs an iron panel, then a genetic test, and a clear-cut diagnosis emerges. They are given clear instructions and an easy-to-follow treatment plan, and they move on with their lives. But if that’s not your story, …

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Brain Iron Levels

Brain Iron Levels in Hemochromatosis

Ferritin Level May Predict Progression in Alzheimer’s An article published January 17, 2017 on the medical website Medscape caught my attention regarding the potential consequences of prolonged iron overload. The article referenced a study entitled, “Association of Cerebrospinal Fluid Ferritin Level With Preclinical Cognitive Decline in APOE-ε4 Carriers“. While the article did not refer to …

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Hemochromatosis Lab Tests

Hemochromatosis Lab Tests

Benefits of Lab Testing in Hemochromatosis Awareness is essential for iron overload. Hundreds of thousands of people carry the genetics associated with hereditary hemochromatosis, yet many have no idea. Some estimates show 1 in 9 people of Northern European descent is a carrier of the genetic mutation that can cause this disease. Entire families may …

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Transferrin Saturation

Transferrin Saturation in Hemochromatosis

Transferrin Saturation in Hemochromatosis In hemochromatosis, an important lab marker is the transferrin saturation percentage. Because the body is constantly absorbing more iron from food than it needs to, there is a constant influx of iron into the blood. Transferrin attempts to keep up with this excess by rapidly binding and transporting iron to the …

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Hemochromatosis in Men

Hemochromatosis in Men

In This Article Hemochromatosis in Men One of the primary causes of high iron levels in men is the genetic condition of hemochromatosis. Also known as iron overload, this hereditary disorder causes the absorption of too much iron during digestion. Over time, iron levels can build up in the body and result in the development …

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