The Hemochromatosis Help Diet Book

Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis
A Guide to the Use of Diet and Supplements in Healing from Iron Overload

By Dr. Eric Lewis, ND

Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis Book

An Extensive Guide to Help You Find Answers and Restore Health

"Your book is exceptional. It is full of helpful information on how to implement food in trying to control iron overload and l have made changes to my diet accordingly. I find myself reading the book often and each time l read it l find l pick up more information. So all in all l am so very pleased a book has finally been written which can actually be so helpful with doing what we do every day which is eating!!!!" 

- Australian Reader -

Improve Wellness, Support the Body, and Engage Life on
Your Terms- Hemochromatosis Can Be Managed Successfully

If there's one word above all others that represents the path to optimal health, it would be this: balance.
Yet for those suffering from the underlying symptoms of hemochromatosis, balance can seem impossible.
How can we balance a genetic disorder with our goal for a truly healthy life?

It was a question that I had to answer in my own life, and the answers led me to build a guide for everyone else silently suffering through a life where it feels like your own body is turning against you.

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • Ways to think about diet when facing iron overload
  • How to experience a rich & full culinary life
  • Surprising revelations about the herb milk thistle
  • The top foods to avoid, as well as what to use to bolster your nutrition

Plus many more tips and strategies!

"I found many helpful tips and can put most of them into practice. I have marked a number of passages for quick reference. So far keeping my ferritin under 50 and thus have a reduced my phlebotomies to one every two months whereas before it was once a month. I found the book easy to read and understand. Thank you for writing the book and for the website."

- D.G. Stroud, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA -

"Really love your book. It has been so helpful- so much so that I am ordering a copy for my daughter who has one C282Y gene. Thank you so much for your help. You are a real blessing to me. You have really done a wonderful service to help people."

- Kathie Booth, Sellersburg, Indiana, USA -

Who Needs to Read Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis?

  • Do you know what to eat when you have hemochromatosis?
  • Have you been given confusing advice, limiting advice, or no advice at all about how diet impacts iron overload?
  • Would you like clear, simple, practical and easy-to-understand strategies for how to eat to help reduce iron overload?
  • Are you curious to integrate nutritional supplements, but unsure which natural remedies are safe and effective?

Read a Sample of Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis

"I’ve received your fine digital version of your book, and am enjoying thoroughly, your very clear explanations of the rather complicated matters of HHC. I also would like to purchase the print version. Your book is well worth that amount, no question! Thank you for your superb book!"

- Ron Dutcher, Toronto, Ontario, Canada -

"27 pages of bibliographies really enhanced my confidence in the contents... I have memorized the do's and don'ts to be incorporated into my diet and have started to implement them. A very "readable" book. Nothing to change... Thank You for the book!!"

- JEC, Oakville, Ontario, Canada -

"It is VERY well written. You can understand it scientifically but at the same time, it is not written 'above your head'. In the future, I will highly suggest this book to newbies."

- ALS, Sequatchie, TN, USA -

"This book increased my awareness of the oxidative stress that iron overload causes and the nutritional and supplemental strategies to use. The information is presented clearly."

- W. Heath, Oakland PA, USA -

Evidence-Based Analysis of Dietary, Nutritional and Herbal Remedies for Iron Overload

In This Book You Will Discover:

  • How to experience a rich, full culinary life, including learning how to safely incorporate iron-containing foods into your diet
  • Both the obvious and more subtle signs of an iron overload problem and the long-term health problems that can occur when hemochromatosis is left unchecked
  • Why fish oil- the long-time darling of the supplement industry- maybe isn't a good thing for managing your hemochromatosis
  • Surprising revelations about the herb milk thistle and the controversy surrounding it
  • Ways to safely and effectively integrate holistic strategies with conventional treatments
  • Why you should avoid this type of food, which can harbor deadly bacteria that thrive in a high iron environment
  • What oxidation means for the body, and about the key antioxidant that the body practically can't get enough of!
  • The top foods to avoid, as well as what to use to bolster your nutrition
  • Many more tips and strategies, as well as how to put everything you learn into action!

"I received and have read the new book. As someone who struggles to read a lot in a short space of time I’m amazed at myself for already reading the whole book. It must in part be due to the layout being easy to understand. I feel I have learnt something and so it was worth the purchase thanks for the hard work putting it together."

- David Hill, Liverpool, UK -

"Loved the book! Easy to read and understand which was a huge plus. Already doing so many of the ideas. I felt it was easy to understand and follow. Thank you!"

- Reader from the USA -

"The book is very comprehensive, detailed, organized, well-researched and easy to understand. Technical and scientific terms were explained in simple terms so that someone without a medical background could understand the concept. I have implemented several of the helpful ideas into my life. As I have time, I plan to read the book again and implement any ideas that I may have missed during the first reading. The Appendix is a helpful tool for referencing information quickly. The Take-Home Messages were helpful by condensing information into quick to read and easy to understand terms. The Bibliography was very thorough and detailed. It gives the reader assurance that the information contained in the book is well-researched."

- Doris, Dayton, Ohio, USA -

About the Author, Dr. Eric Lewis

Dr. Eric Lewis is a naturopathic physician who also has hereditary hemochromatosis. With his unique perspective of being both a practitioner and a patient, he brings new insight into holistic approaches to iron overload, providing new understanding about the best diet and supplementation strategies to help support health with hemochromatosis.

In 2012, he founded the website to share with the rest of the world what he has learned about iron overload in a clear, easy-to-understand, and friendly way.

Dr. Lewis is an honors graduate holding a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is in private practice with his wife, Kristina (also a naturopathic physician), in Asheville, North Carolina.