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irelandLegend has it that “Celtic Curse” or the “Irish Illness” first came to be generations ago at a time when iron rich foods were scarce.

It is thought that a genetic mutation to absorb more iron from meals was of benefit to the people at the time.

Centuries later, with an abundance of food rich in iron available, these same genes can cause a state of iron overload known as Haemochromatosis.

Researchers have confirmed that Ireland is the likely “home” for hereditary haemochromatosis.  Estimates show that 1 in 5 Irish people are carriers of a single gene for iron overload, while an astounding 1 in 83 individuals carry two genes.

The Irish are, far and away, the most likely population to suffer from haemochromatosis.

The Irish Haemochromatosis Association is a great support group for haemochromatosis patients and their families.  The IHA’s primary goal is to educate both the general population and the medical profession about iron overload and promote awareness about this condition.

To help this group out, membership is available.

Help for Haemochromatosis from a Holistic Perspective

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Eric Lewis.  I am a Naturopathic Doctor residing in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina in the United States.  Asheville is a small city in the Western part of North Carolina, surrounded by the idyllic Blue Ridge Mountains.  We are fortunate to have a very fit and active population, with a strong emphasis on health and well being.

As a Naturopath, I bring a holistic approach to health care.  And as a person with haemochromatosis, I have a unique perspective on how to address our condition of iron overload.

Fortunately, I have connected with many wonderful Irish people through this site as well as my social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s get started with how I can help…

Haemochromatosis Supplements

The primary treatment for haemochromatosis is venesection or therapeutic phlebotomy.  Other individuals will be prescribed medications.  These medical therapies reduce symptoms and save lives… especially if they are started early.

From a complementary and integrative perspective, I feel an excellent way to boost your overall health is with a regimen of nutritional supplementation designed for haemochromatosis.

A great deal of my time is spent researching natural remedies to complement your medical care.  In my research, I have come across a number of nutrients and herbal remedies that are regarded as safe and have clinical research to back up their ability to support your health.

Always follow your physician’s advice, and if in doubt, ask questions about any dietary or supplemental changes you would like to incorporate.

The following links will give you an excellent overview of supplements that may be of benefit in iron overload:

I am happy to say, we are able to ship items to you in Ireland, so if you are interested in our supplements, please feel free to read more about Natural Remedies for Hemochromatosis.

Note: I’ve started with Turmeric as our first supplement, but many more are on their way… stay tuned!

Share Your Story

Recently, I have begun a section on my site called “Your Story“.  My hope is to learn about the stories of real people and share their perspective on haemochromatosis.  It is truly a powerful message.

Please Contact Me with your stories and photos as it helps me to get to know you and how you handle haemochromatosis.  I would be very happy to hear from you!

Blue Ridge MountainsAs for a little about me, here’s a photograph I took of the Blue Ridge Mountains near my home of Asheville so I can show off the beauty of Western North Carolina.  I’m very lucky to call Asheville home! 🙂


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About the Author

Dr. Eric is a Naturopathic Doctor who also has a genetic predisposition to hemochromatosis. With his unique perspective of being both a practitioner & patient, he provides a new understanding about the best nutritional strategies to support health with hemochromatosis. He is the author of Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis, a guide to the use of diet and supplements in healing from iron overload.

Dr. Eric Lewis, ND

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