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South African Haemochromatosis Resources

South African Haemochromatosis Resources


Hereditary haemochromatosis is very common in South Africa, with up to 1 in 6 people of the Caucasian population carrying a single gene for the condition.

Furthermore, 1 out of 115 people carry two gene mutations of C282Y making haemochromatosis the most common inborn error of metabolism in South Africa.IMG_8771

While my primary focus of this website is upon haemochromatosis that is inherited, another common affliction in SA is Acquired Iron Overload.  This condition stems from eating foods cooked in, or beer brewed in, iron (“potjie”) pots.

Whether via hereditary or environmental causes, iron overload can have severe repercussions on your health.

Haemochromatosis Society of South Africa

Unfortunately, this society seems to have disbanded, and I can no longer find their information online.

IMG_8767Another resource is the South African National Blood Service, which features a very informative website.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy is the primary treatment for iron overload, and if initiated early enough after a diagnosis of haemochromatosis, it may save your life.

Haemochromatosis Help from the Holistic Perspective

My name is Eric Lewis, and I am a Naturopathic Doctor from beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, USA.  Asheville may be a small city, but we value fitness, health, and well being.  We are in the Western North Carolina region, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

As a naturopath, I take a very holistic approach to health care.  And as an individual with haemochromatosis, I possess a unique viewpoint on how to address our condition of excess iron build up.

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