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Canadian Hemochromatosis Resources

Canadian Hemochromatosis Resources

Oh, Canada!

Welcome to our site about hereditary hemochromatosis.

We’re honored to hear from so many readers up North, and we hope to educate and help as much as we can.

About 100,000 Canadians are clinically affected with hemochromatosis by having two genetic mutations signaling for iron overload. Many more carry a single gene mutation.

While only around 14% of individuals with a single gene mutation develop symptoms of this disorder, children born to parents who both are carriers are susceptible to develop the condition.

Fortunately, there are many helpful resources available in Canada, which I will detail later on this page.

Additionally, I will do my best to provide you with guidance that you may not find on other sites.

As both a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and as an individual with hemochromatosis, I feel like I can uniquely help you find solutions for iron overload that are both holistic and practical.

Here are some specific ways we can help you in your quest to improve your health with hemochromatosis:

Educational and Phlebotomy Services for Hemochromatosis in Canada

The Canadian Hemochromatosis Society does excellent work at increasing awareness and education.  Their website provides clear information on the science and genetics of iron overload.

Learn more about donating blood with the Canadian Blood Services on their site.

Hemochromatosis Books and Supplements

Having received strong interest and requests for our unique nutritional supplements and our two hemochromatosis books, we have worked to find reliable and affordable ways to ship supplements to Canada.

We are often asked if these products are available to those outside the United States, and we’re happy to say the answer is yes! We mail our products to Canada regularly.

Our books and supplements ship from our office in Asheville, North Carolina, and typical transit times are 1-3 weeks.

Want an even-faster delivery for the books? Purchase the e-book version, and it’ll be on your computer instantaneously!

One more note about our books–we were very conscious of keeping our international readers in mind when we wrote our books. You may be pleased to know that measurements for recipes have all been converted to the Metric equivalents.

We hope you enjoy exploring the rest of our website!

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