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Ireland Haemochromatosis Resources

Ireland Haemochromatosis Resources


Welcome to our site about hereditary haemochromatosis.  We’re honored to hear from so many readers in Ireland, and our goal is to educate and help as much as possible.

Legend has it that the “Celtic Curse” or the “Irish Illness” first came to be generations ago at a time when iron-rich foods were scarce.

It is thought that a genetic mutation to absorb more iron from meals was of benefit to the people at the time.

Centuries later, with an abundance of food rich in iron available, these same genes can cause a state of iron overload known as haemochromatosis.

Researchers have confirmed that Ireland is the likely “home” for hereditary haemochromatosis.  Estimates show that 1 in 5 Irish people are carriers of a single gene for iron overload, while an astounding 1 in 83 individuals carry two genes.

The Irish are, far and away, the most likely population to suffer from haemochromatosis.

Support for Iron Overload in Ireland

The Irish Haemochromatosis Association is a great support group for haemochromatosis patients and their families.  The IHA’s primary goal is to educate both the general population and the medical profession about iron overload and promote awareness about this condition.

Information for prospective patients is available on their site here.

Haemochromatosis Books and Supplements

Having received strong interest and requests for our unique nutritional supplements and our two haemochromatosis books, we have worked to find reliable and affordable ways to ship supplements to Ireland.

We are often asked if these products are available to those outside the United States, and we’re happy to say the answer is yes! We mail our products to Ireland regularly.

Our supplements do ship from our office in Asheville, North Carolina, and typical transit times are 1-3 weeks.

Want an even-faster delivery? Purchase the e-book version, and it’ll be on your computer instantaneously!

One more note about our books–we were very conscious of keeping our international readers in mind when we wrote our books. For example, you may be pleased to know that measurements for recipes have all been converted to the Metric equivalents.

We hope you enjoy exploring the rest of our website!

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