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Australian Haemochromatosis Resources

Australian Haemochromatosis Resources

G’day Australia!

Welcome to our site about hereditary haemochromatosis.  We’re honored to hear from so many readers Down Under, and our goal is to educate and help as much as we can.

Australians are actually the second-largest group of readers on this website, accounting for 25% of all visitors!

It has been my pleasure getting to know many of you and your stories.  It is a joy to think our work has benefited individuals almost halfway around the world.

My name is Eric Lewis, and I am a naturopathic doctor living in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, in the United States.  Together with my wife, Kristina, we run this website to help support those around the globe with iron overload.

Asheville is a small city surrounded by the idyllic Blue Ridge Mountains.  We are lucky to have a very fit and active population, with a strong emphasis on health and well-being.

As a naturopath, I bring a very holistic approach to health care.  As an individual with haemochromatosis, I also bring a unique perspective on addressing our condition of iron overload.

Even though you and I are at quite a distance from one another, I think we can learn a lot from one another!

Here are some specific ways we can help you in your quest to improve your health with haemochromatosis:

Venesection Services and Lab Testing for Iron Overload

A great resource, as many of you likely know, is the advocacy group Haemochromatosis Australia.  Their recommendation for venesection (or phlebotomy) is for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Australian Red Cross Blood ServiceA great tool provided by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is their High Ferritin App, with a description on their page regarding Therapeutic Venesection. This is a service for physicians to refer their patients for venesection and takes the place of referral forms.

Haemochromatosis Books and Supplements

Having received strong interest and requests for our unique nutritional supplements and our two haemochromatosis books, we have worked to find reliable and affordable ways to ship supplements to Australia.

We are often asked if these products are available to those outside the United States, and we’re happy to say the answer is yes! We mail our products to Australia regularly. Bonza!

Our supplements do ship from our office in Asheville, North Carolina, and typical transit times are 1-3 weeks.

We actually have an arrangement with a printer in Australia, so our books are printed and shipped directly to you from Melbourne. This results in faster and more efficient shipping times than if we mailed the books from the States.

Want an even-faster delivery? Purchase the e-book version, and it’ll be on your computer instantaneously!

One more note about our books–we were very conscious of keeping our international readers in mind when we wrote our books. You may be pleased to know that measurements for recipes have all been converted to the Metric equivalents, and there are even a few recipes written just for you in our cookbook (check out page 195, “Aussie-Inspired Meat Pie,” as an example!).

We hope you enjoy exploring the rest of our website!

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